The One Where Chandler Proposes

Script Synopsis

thanks goes out to the Across the Hall, for this one.
From Antony:

As background, the episode covers three main stories :

As I said we missed the first few scenes but here's what I think happened :

Most scenes were filmed about 4 times & did vary slighly so it was not always clear what would be the final version. However I have attempted below to paraphrase the script for the key scenes of the remainder of the show & have just put in summaries for the more routine scenes. The last 2 scenes were by far the funniest & were really well done.

Joey & Chandler's appartment:
Chandler & Rachel sitting, Ross standing, ranting slightly Ross is explaining the situation with the new appartment, justifying not paying $100 & his plan for a "partay" He finally finishes his ranting & leaves ...

Rachel: So that could be your future brother-in-law
Chandler (laughing) : I don't think were quite at that stage yet
Rachel: So you haven't discussed it yet
Chandler: No, we're not thinking about these things
Rachel : You mean, YOU'RE not thinking about these things, but Monica is
Chandler: No you're wrong, Monica isn't interested in getting married
Rachel: Ermm lets see, We're talining about Monica, .. well she finished with Richard because he didn't want to have babies
Chandler: She wants babies?

Central Perk

Joey & Katie are on the couch talking, Katie keeps hitting Joey as she talks to him. Joey tells her not to keep hitting him & that it hurts but she thinks he's joking. Joey is getting gradually further away from her until eventually she knocks him off the end of the couch.

Joey & Chandlers appartment

Chandler & Monica lying together in one of the lazy chairs, hugging/stroking

Monica: Aaah, isn't this the life ... couldn't you just lie here forever?
Chandler: ....
Monica: Chandler!, couldn't you just lie here forever
Chandler (getting up): well not for ever no ... but it was nice .. you know .. the two of us enjoying a casual moment together ... people do who are in a casual..kind of relationship
Monica: I knew it ... I knew this would happen ... what have they been saying to you
Chandler: Only that you want to get married & have babies
Monica: Did I ever say that I wanted to get married & have babies
Chandler: No ... but...but everyone knows .... that you are obsessed about babies and marriage .....and ....and .... marriage & babies
Monica: You're the baby. Do you really think you know what I'm thinking all the time? Do you know that I am really anoyed with you right you know that I am not going to go out with you tonight ... Do you know that I'm going to walk out now (walks out & slams the door)
Chandler: (shouts)..... well I didn't know that
Chandler: (shouts)......and I'm not a baby

Central Perk

Rachel is at the bar drinking coffee Joey walks in (he is huge, clearly wearing alot of protection)

Joey: Hey Rach
Rachel: (quizically) Hey Joey
Joey: Can you tell that I'm wearing six sweaters?
Rachel: Well yes....but what is less obvious is...why?
Joey: Well you see I'm breaking up with Katie & I figured I might need some protection from her hitting. I figure if she's that violent when she's happy, there's no knowing how bad it will be when I tell her I'm taking away the "Joey love"

Katie walks in, kisses Joey
Katie: Hi Rachel
Rachel: Nice jacket
Katie: Thanks (hits her)
Rachel: Ooo, your welcome (hits back)

They continue back & forth with these pleasantries & blows until eventually Rachael kicks Katie (really hard)
Katie: Joey, Racheal just kicked me
Joey: ........Yeah..
Katie: Well are you going to do something about it, or am I going to have to walk out of here?
Joey: ....
Katie: Well Joey, are you going to do something:
Joey: ...........errrm.........Naaah

Katie limps out of the room

Joey & Rachael hug

Ross's apartment

Ross is having his party but there is no-one there. He is sitting on his own & is looking very lost. He has two name tags on & keeps playing with them (couldn't see what they say) Hears chants for Howard in the backgound.

Howards appartment

Ross goes into Howards appartment. Pheobe is there, ..shouting Howard Ross confronts Phoebe. Phoebe pretends she thought it was Ross's party. It turns out Phoebe has paid $100 to go to the party.

Central Perk

Chander, Joey & Ross on the couch Chandler is seeking advice about how to make it up with Monica. Ross & Joey tell him he's in big trouble & that he has to do something really big. Chandler says he knew it would all go wrong once everyone knew. Monica walks in & orders a coffee - she sees Chandler & asks for it "to go". Chandler approaches & asks what he has to do to make up with her. Monica responds that she is tired of being his relationship tutor & that it is time he took responsibility for his part of the realtionship & that he had to work out for himself if he even wanted to be in a relationship.

Howard's appartment

Ross & Phoebe are at Howard's party. Ross complains that it has all gone wrong and that nobody likes him. He cuts himself a piece of cake from the buffet & comments that at least the cake is good. Howard is led forward to the buffet table & to everyones horror someone has messed up his leaving cake. A quick investigationm leads to Ross, who is hurredly trying to eat the evidence. Now they hate Ross even more & start ganging up on him. Pheobe makes a speach explaining what a nice guy Ross is & how first impressions can be misleading by explaining that she thought several of the guests were horrible before she got to know them. It doesn't help.

Monica & Rachaels appartment

Joey & Ross on the couch, Racheal & Monica on the floor croched around the coffee table. The four of them are playing cards. Phoebe is reading in the background.

Chandler storms in

Chandler: (to the room) Where's Monica....Where's Monica....I have to speak to Monica urgently
Monica: Errr (raises hand).....I'm Monica
Chandler: (walks round & pulls her to her feet) Monica I have to talk to you.
Monica: ......
Chandler: Ermm ... well......err...there's really only one way of doing this (drops to one knee)
Chandler: (produces ring in box) Monica....Monica will you marry me
Monica: .....
Rachel: (looking at the ring in the box) Oooo.....I can't help look at it
Monica: Chandler. Why do you want to marry me?
Chandler: Errmmm.. ...Errrm....Because I'm sorry...
Monica: You're're you really think being sorry is a good reason to get married?
Chandler: Well no, obviously the best reason to get married is pregnancy. Sorry is about the fourth best reason after being ready & really wanting to.
Monica: You know I told you that you should start taking responsibility for your part of the relationship...well I don't think you're quite ready for it
Chandler: (excited) That's what I thought....but I asked Joey & Ross and they suggested something big
Ross: not that big
Monica: You asked Ross & Joey......Ross & Joey.....Divorced twice & ..& Joey

Long hold on a shot of Ross & Joey - Ross looks slightly offended -Joey has a classic Joey grin (very funny)
Monica: I can't believe you did this...I mean...what would you have done if I'd actually said yes.
Chandler: Well I'd have been pleased, as I would be spending the rest of my life with the woman I love
Chandler: would now be looking at a chandler shaped hole in that door over there.

The Tag: Central Perk

All six are there. Chandler & Monica on the couch together, clearly relationship back to "normal"
Joey: Ross will you pass me that knife please?
Joey: Alright, Alright, there's no need to be so nasty about it.
Ross: Oh I'm sorry Joey..........will you marry me?
Phoebe: Oh that's funny, because Ross I wasn't wanting to ask you if you would marry me because I forgot to say hi to you this morning.
Chandler: (smiling) Alright, alright, how long is this going to go on for?
Monica: (smiling) Well I think it is proportional to how incredibly insane you a very long time
Ross: Hey this is fun .... Rach, you know all that "we we're on a break" stuff. Well I'm sorry... will you marry me?
Rachel: (looks sad/serious, like she's thinking about it)
Ross: (looks sad/serious, like he's thinking about it)
Chandler: Now that's NOT funny.

Everyone walks out.

Now One From someone else:

The One Where Chandler Proposes


Teaser A: Ross is the last one to find out about Chandler and Monica when he sees them kissing in the window of Monica's apartment.

Scene B: Rachel and Phoebe contemplate wedding presents for Chandler and Monica in the coffee house. Joey enters with his new girlfriend, Katie, who has a habit of punching Joey whenever she speaks. Everyone thinks it's cute, but Joey admits that it actually hurts, and everyone starts making fun of Joey for being so wimpy.

Scene C: Ross unpacks boxes in his new apartment. Phoebe enters with some eccentric housewarming gifts. Steve, Ross's neighbor and the president to the tenant committee, enters, introduces himself, and immediately asks Ross for $100 for Howard the Handyman's retirement gift. Ross refuses, and Steve walks away, pissed off. Ross goes, "Can you believe that guy?" Phoebe goes, "I know! He looks exactly like Tom Hanks!"

Scene D: In Chandler's apartment, Ross tells Chandler and Rachel he's going to throw a party for everyone in his building to show them that he really is a nice guy. Ross exits. Rachel mentions marriage again to Chandler, and Chandler freaks out.

Scene E: At the coffee house, Joey confronts Katie about her punching, but she thinks he is just trying to give her a hard time and punches him even more.

Scene H: Monica enters Chandler's apartment and the two get into an argument about what Moncia wants out of their relationship. Monica gets pissed off and leaves, slamming the door behind her.


Scene J: Chandler, Ross, and Joey hang out in the coffee house. Monica enters, sees Chandler, and starts to walk out, but Chandler stops her. He asks her what he needs to do to fix things between them. Monica tells him to figure it out for himself and walks out.

Scene K: Ross waits in his new apartment for party guests to arrive, but none do. He hears loud music from the hall and goes out to investigate. Ironically, Steve is holding Howard's retirement party in his apartment the same night! Ross peeks in the door and sees Phoebe celebrating with the other tenants. Apparently, she thought Steve's party was Ross's party, and once she started having fun, she decided to stay.

Scene M: Joey enters the coffee house, wearing six sweaters. He tells Rachel he needs the extra padding to break up with Katie. Katie enters, and Rachel compliments her on her jacket. Katie thanks Rachel and punches her. Rachel punches her back, and this escalates into a punching contest until Rachel finally kicks Katie in the shin. Joey does nothing to defend Katie, Katie gets pissed and storms out the door, never to be seen again.

Scene P: Ross and Phoebe are still at Steve's party. Ross tries to make friends with the other tenants, but whatever he does, it backfires on him. He finally storms out, only to return because he's locked himself out of his apartment. He asks Steve who will help him, and Steve says, "Howard." Ross gives Howard $100, and they both exit.

Scene R: Everyone except Chandler is in Monica's apartment. Chandler enters, gets down on one knee, and proposes to Monica. Monica points out to Chandler that proposing is not the answer to solving relationship problems, and that he's not ready for marriage, anyway.

Tag T: Everyone teases Chandler by asking another person to marry them. Everyone is laughing until Ross says, "This is fun. Rachel, will you marry me?" Everyone except Ross stands up and says, "That's not funny," and they exit, leaving Ross in the coffee house alone.