The One With the Girl who hits Joey

AKA: The One Where Chandler Proposes

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The One With the Girl who hits Joey

Air date: 18 February, 1999

(Thanks to John, who attended the filming)

Ross bangs on Monica's door then chases Chandler with a vengeance.

But when Chandler and Monica admit their love for each other, it's all good.

With all the references to "babies and marriage" from all the friends who are now in the know, Chandler starts getting scared. He and Monica get into a fight.

Meanwhile, the manager at Ross's apartment asks him to pitch in $100 for the handyman who's retiring after 25 years. But Ross has only lived their "25 minutes" so he says no. He's an outcast. He throws a big party to try to get everyone in the apartment to like him - but no one shows.

Joey's funny - putting on six sweaters to pad himself from his "punchy" girlfriend (played by the Soleil Moon-Fry - a.k.a. "Punky Brewster").

Chandler races into Monica's apartment. Everyone's there. He gets on his LEFT knee. He does propose.

Chandler takes out a ring.

Monica: "Why are you doing this?"

Chandler: "I dunno...because I'm sorry?"

Monica: "Do you really think the best reason to get married is because you're sorry?"

Monica reminds Chandler that the pressure about marriage and babies came from everyone else - not from her. They decide to continue their relationship. It's all good!

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