"The One with Chandler's Work Laugh

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TOW Chandler's Work Laugh (Sent in to FSL by CiCi)

In the tag, Rachel confronts Joey about Chandler and Monica. She knows about them. She wants him to give her all the details about them, like is Chandler romantic? who initiated the first kiss? Joey sits there eating pizza replying, "I dunno, but what I do know is that they did it on the couch right there. Rachel gets up from where she's sitting in disgust.

Next scene, everyone's in the coffee house, Ross enters pretty unhappy. He says that he's unhappy cuz he just found out that Emily is getting married again!!

He orders a scone from Gunther puts it on the table and smashes it, crying out "Stupid Bitch!". Chandler asks if that's what he learned to do in his anger management class. Phoebe tells Ross not to be so angry because him and Emily are in the past. And she asks, "Are you still mad about the Louisiana Purchase?" Rachel says, "I don't think anyone's mad about that." Phoebe says that's right cuz it's in the past. Joey asks if anyone's gonna eat the scone.

Next scene, Chandler and Monica are at his office party. They're happy becuz none of there friends are there so they can act like a real couple. Chandler says yeah and I can do this, and holds her hand and Monica says yeah and I can do this she kisses him on the cheek. They're about to lean in and kiss each other but then they say "we can't do that." Chandler's butt-slapping boss, Doug comes with his wife up to Chandler and Monica and tells a bad joke. Chandler busts out in a awful laugh (it's soo funny, kinda like he's choking on a hairball). Monica asks what was that? He says it's his fake work laugh and tells her if she's to survive the party she better get one too. So she goes over to some guests and busts out in a fake cackling laugh.

Back at the coffeehouse Monica's there and Chandler enters and says that everyone loved her at the party last night and she repaired a lot of the damage from when they met Joey. Chandler's boss has invited them to play tennis with him and his wife. Chandler runs out to get a racket cuz Joey used his at Central Park to hit rocks at bigger rocks. Rachel enters and says she wants to talk to Monica cuz they don't talk so much anymore. Monica says ok and starts talking about work. Rachel turns the conversation to relationships. She tries to get Monica to spill the beans about her and Chandler. But Monica doesn't so, Rachel leaves.

Phoebe is talking to the chicken (I think it's too big to be a chick anymore) and the duck. Ross enters and Phoebe says she was doing nothing. Ross sees that the birds pooped on his nasty letter to Emily. He's mad but then says "thanks guys" Joey comes out and they're all about to go to the movies (Joey: "Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, "They get mail" and stuff!) But Ross says that he just wants to be alone and maybe he'll read his book. They leave without him.

Chandler and Monica play tennis with Doug and his wife. Monica plays all rough. Chandler tells her to lighten up and let them win one. Back at home Monica can't believe that Chandler let them win one. But Chandler says that he didn't want to make his boss mad and he wouldn't have invited them to dinner. Monica says that she's beginning not to like Work Chandler and his fake laugh cuz he's a suck-up. Chandler says, "Well maybe I don't like, Don't Like Work Chandler Monica." He shrugs and leaves in a huff.

The next day at Joey/Chan/Ross's everyone's there except Chandler and they're all worried about Ross cuz he hasn't come home yet. Joey thinks they should check the trash chute. Rachel says that he can't fit in there. Joey says that he got stuck in there once. Ross comes home and they're all are wondering where he's been all night. Ross says he went drinking and then walked all night. they don't believe him and Joey says, "He hooked up with someone last night!" they are wondering who she is and ross says that he's a big boy and doesn't have to tell them anything. Then suddenly..... JANICE COMES IN WITH ROSS'S SWEATER!!!!!!!!!! Janice says that she has needs cuz Chandler's in Yemen and that she can't wait around forever. She tells them not to judge her. Phoebe says no one's judging you and they all look at Ross. Janice thanks them and says she'll call Ross and leaves. Joey tells them not to get so mad at Ross, cuz maybe he's gone crazy and lost his mind. Phoebe asks if he's gonna see her again. Joey tells her not to put ideas in his head. Ross says that he is. (Joey: Damn it Phoebe!) Ross says that they have a lot in common, they both divorced and they both have kids. He says to just trust him and that he will tell Chandler. The girls accept that but Joey doesn't.

Rachel confronts Monica and tells her that she knows about her and Chandler cuz she overheard her call him Mr. Big over the phone. Monica says that's ridiculous and that she called him Mr. Biggot cuz he tells racist jokes. Monica denies their relationship and says that she thinks Phoebe and Joey are the ones hooking up.

Ross comes home from his date with Janice while Phoebe and Joey bet on which bird which get the treat faster in a race. Ross says that he had a good time with Janice and that he talked to her for hours. He's about to go on and say more but Phoebe and Joey are too busy with the birds to listen.

At Doug's house, Chandler keeps doing his fake laugh. When the boss gets up to get some coffee. Monica says that she doesn't want to go to Chandler's work things anymore cuz she doesn't like the fake suck-up work Chandler she'd rather be with her boyfriend who she respects. Chandler does a double-take when she says boyfriend. Doug enters and makes a crack about his wife's weak coffee. Chandler doesn't laugh and Doug ask what's the matter with him. Chandler says that he didn't think it was funny. Doug says, "what?" Chandler tries to explain but Monica jumps in and says that he just didn't understand the joke and she explains it to him and together to please Doug, they both do their fake laughs.

Joey enters Mon/Rach's place and asks Rachel if he could read comics over there cuz Monica and Chandler are in his apartment and it's hard to concentrate. Rachel can't believe that Monica lied (Monica said that she's at work) to her so she runs over there to confront them both. After she leaves Joey says "Panty raid." and goes to Rachel's room. Rachel is about to enter Chandler's room but she overhears Monica saying that she wishes she could tell Rachel about them cuz she tells her everything cuz Rachel's her best friend. Chandler reminds her that they're not ready to tell anyone yet. Rachel decides to leave them be, but as she leaves she knocks over a lamp. Monica enters and Rachel says that she was there borrowing a lamp so she could read her books. Monica says that she was in they're cleaning Chandler's room cuz he pays her to and that's kinda like her part time job. Rachel understands and as she leaves she hugs Monica and congradulates her on her new job. She leaves, Chandler enters and says that Rachel is soo gullible.

At the coffee house Ross is there with Janice and whines that they gave him the wrong coffee. Janice says that she can't stand all of Ross whining about getting a divorce, losing his apartment, and losing his job. Ross realizes that he's the one annoying Janice and cries "Oh my God!" Janice says that it's over between them and asks if Ross understand. And Ross says that now he does. Joey enters as Janice is leaving and she says that's two out of three, Joey and does her laugh. Joey gives Ross a look.

Ross tells Chandler about his thing with Janice. Chandler starts laughing. and Ross is relieved that he's not mad, cuz he was worried that Chandler would be mad cuz you're not supposed to date your's friend's ex-girlfriend or potential girlfriends or girls they're related to. When Ross says this Chandler says that he *is* mad, but forgives Ross. and he reminds Ross that Chandler forgave him, and that he let ross stay at they're place rent free and that he gave him a $20, Chandler reaches into his pocket and gives him 20 bucks. Chandler tells not to forget all of that and they should write it down.

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