Top TEN Reasons Why Courteney is better than Jennifer (in our opinion):
  1. Courteney is much prettier.
  2. Courteney is a better actor than Jen.
  3. Monica (FRIENDS) is much funnier & gets the better lines.
  4. Courteney's movies are much better and much more successful.
  5. Courteney is just better, she hardly flaunts her looks.
  6. Courteney's religion (us) is still up and running, to my knowledge, the 'tabernacle' was shut down.
  7. Courteney has had a much longer career, more can't beat "Family Ties" and "Ace Ventura Pet Detective"
  8. this reason is getting tricky since Jen married Brad Pitt, but Courteney and David Arquette are just totally cuter in public - and David is such a cute teddy bear! We also like how Courteney changed her name for her marriage.
  9. Courteney just looks so fit! She's always been that way and Jen has her ups and downs!
  10. Courteney never had to have a nose job. eek!


This pg is meant in no way as something mean to Jennifer Aniston. It is only for fun. So, please remember that a FRIEND on FRIENDS is a FRIEND of SUPERBIA.

If you have any suggestions for the Top 10...Email them to me!