"The One with Rachel's Inadvertant Kiss"

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The One With Rachel's Inadvertent Kiss

Feb 5th Filming
From Chloe via the on-set-spies department
I went to the taping on Friday 5th but I missed a couple of scenes as I wasn't let in till 8.30.
I don't know weather it was this episode or last episode but when I came in Monica was trying to tell Rachel she had a second interview for Ralph Lauren Rachel didn't believe her so monica did a little dance telling her again. Joey tells her that the only reason she got it was because she kissed the man who interviewed her!
Rachel is waiting outside his office tapping a pen in between her teeth, she is called in to the office, and the man tries to point out that she has ink round her mouth. She thinks he is trying to make a pass so she starts to shout at him that she is not some "hussy" that thinks if she sleeps with him she'll get the job.
Rachel returns from interview shouting to the others about him when they point out she has ink on her lip, she then realises that's what he was trying to tell her.
She returns to apologise and makes alot of points as to why she should get the job. He gives her the job thank you so much, would it be totally inappropriate if I gave you a hug?" "how about a hand shake?" She reaches out to shake his hand as he stands up she says see you Monday!!"
Joey fancies a "hot girl" from the same building as Ross's. He spotted her from Mon and Rachel's window and he tried working out which apt she is in. Joey knocks on a door and is shocked to discover it is Ross's. So he goes to the next door, an old man answers.

Joey - "you alone in there?"
Joey-"oh shame!"
He goes to the next door and a little girl answers
Joey-"Is your mum, sister or babysitter there?"
Joey runs off.

A sign is in Ross's building from Joey asking hot girl to give him a ring. a man comes in and sticks up a poster of Joey. Ross is collecting his mail when he bumps into the hot girl, Jen. He asks her out for a coffee sometime, so she gives him a card with her number, as she walks off Ross starts kissing the card when he sees her coming back. He shoves the card in his mouth!!!
In the coffee house Chandler is talking with phoebes cop boyfriend he is asking if he could have a go with his gun. Monica asks phoebe if her and Gary would like to and see a movie with her and chandler. But phoebe explains that she is going over to Gary's to have a lot of sex. Monica grabs chandler and says that they need to and have alot of sex because that is what Gary and phoebe have been doing and she wants to be a better couple than them. Chandler tells monica to stop with all the competing and then realises that he is turning down a lot of sex!!!
(Mon and rach's) Mon and chandler are on the couch recovering from their sex session.

Mon-"phoebe and Gary are so gonna here about this at dinner!"
Chan-"that was brilliant, you were the best!"
Mon-"no you were the best"
Chan-"No you were the best"
Mon-"i was the best wasn't I!"
Enter Joey
Joey-"Whatcha been doing??"

Mon goes over to the window and sees the hot girl she shows Joey who has given up looking for her. Mon points out which apt she is in Joey storms out saying " I can't believe I wasted time cause of counting"

Ross is in Jen's apt
ross-"i love this apt"
Jen-"isn't it the same as yours?"
ross-"i love my apt!"

Joey knocks on the door and Ross answers, Joey is very confused!!
Chan, mon, phoebe and Gary are in a restaurant. Chandler yawns.

Phoebe-"chandler are you tired"
Mon-" he didn't get much sleep if you know what I mean!!! you know what I mean right??? the totilla chips know what you mean!"
Gary-"so chandler do you like your plastic badge?"
Chan-"oh yeah" (flashes it off from inside his jacket then excuses himself for the bathroom)

Monica notices a twig in phoebes hair, so phoebe tells Mon about her and Gary having sex in the park. Mon dashes off to find chandler.
Mens toilet and chan is admiring his badge in the mirror. Mon explains to chan that phoebe and Gary have been having sex in public places and that she wants to do all that again like they used to. chan explains that he likes the point they are at in their relationship and that he has never got to the stage before. He tells mon that she is freaking out about the relationship and he has fixed it, they have switched places now he is the king (does a little dance) realises that he is being immature "and now we have switched back"

Tag (in the street)
Police are looking at a poster of Joey as he walks round the corner. They stop him and tell him not to go over to Jeans building anymore. he then sees hot girl walk past and goes over to talk to her but the police stop him and tell him to get in the police car.
joey-"i know whats going on here phoebe's boyfriend set you up to this, I know watch your head. can I have a plastic badge?!!!"

Another February 5th Filming Report From Megan I went to a taping of Friends on Feb. 5. I only saw the second half of the taping, but here's what I remember: Monica wants to outdo Phoebe and her new boyfriend (Michael Rappaport), by having more sex then they do. She her and Chandler spend a whole day in her bedroom. She obsesses over it. Rachel has an interview with Ralph Lauren, and doesn't think she's going to get the job. She goes back to the office to persuade the guy to give it to her, and accidently hits his private area when going to shake his hand. She's feeling pretty stupid right about now. Ross meets this girl in his new apartment where ugly naked guy used to live. Joey has seen her before and wants to ask her out. She lives in the same building as Ross, but everytime Joey goes to her apartment, Ross answers, so he thinks he keeps going to the wrong place.
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