The One Where Ross Can't Flirt

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The One Where Ross Can't Flirt
Thanks to Lora for writing the spoiler!

Chandler and Joey's place:
Chandler is all dressed up (and lookin' mighty fine I must say) and Ross asks where he is going. He says that he and Monica are going put to celebrate their tenth month anniversary. Pizza girl arrives and Chandler is really flirty with her. Ross accuses him of flirting and Chandler says that if he was flirting he would have tipped her. He realizes that he didn't tip her and runs out. Then they changed it and had Chandler tell Ross "I'll show you flirting."

This is where I may get a bit confused because most of the rest of the show takes place in Monica and Rachel's. and it all blends together.

Monica and Rachel's:
Chandler and Ross bring over the pizzas. Turns out that Ross has a crush on Caitlin, the pizza girl. He tells everyone (except Monica) who was in her room (or maybe the bathroom?), about how Chandler was flirting with her. Somewhere around here Monica comes out and wishes Chandler a happy anniversary. They kiss and hug and then he tells her that she should wear the earrings he got her. Monica quickly runs over to Phoebe and tells her she needs to go home and get the earrings she let her borrow. Phoebe says that they me be in her purse. Phoebe then runs over to Rachel and as her if she could have the earrings back that she lent her. Rachel goes to look for them, but it turns out that she lost them. Although, she does find one. Phoebe tells her that they are Monica's earrings, and Rachel panics because she is not allowed to borrow Monica's things - because she loses them. So, Rachel spends a good part of the episode searching for the other earring. Finally, Phoebe says they need to tell Monica, and Phoebe tells Monica that she lost it. Monica forgives her and gives her a hug. Then Rachel decides that she wants to tell Monica the truth, but Monica isn't so forgiving towards her.

Meanwhile, back to the flirting stuff. Ross blurts it out that Chandler was flirting with Caitlin. Monica doesn't get upset because she says she flirts with guys all the time. They end up arguing about it. Chandler says flirting is something guys do. He is really jealous about her flirting.

Anyways, Phoebe discovers that they only delivered pepperoni pizza's and that they forgot her vegetarian pizza. It is now known that Ross is a horrible flirt. He mentions how he got Rachel, but then Rachel says that it took him nine years to get something going with her. So, Ross gets all excited that he can call and order the pizza and Caitlin will come back. When she comes back with the pizza, Ross tries to flirt, but says really stupid things. She gets weirded out and Chandler saves the day. Everyone makes fun of Ross, he then decides to order another pizza. When she comes back, he tries to flirt with her, but he asks her if they cook the pizza in a brick oven, and she tells him she thinks it's gas. Ross goes into this whole thing about gas, which freaks pizza girl out again, and she tells him the pizza is free and leaves. Rachel goes out in the hall to throw away the pizza boxes and ends up going outside to talk to Caitlin. She tries to convince Caitlin that Ross is really a nice guy and he just gets nervous around girls he likes. Caitlin asks Rachel, "if he's so nice, then why aren't you going out with him?" Rachel tells her that someday they will have to have a nice little talk. She ends up getting Caitlin's number for Ross. She gives it to him, but he's like "you don't have to do me any favors." (and I am drawing a blank here)

The other storyline revolves around Joey. He brings his grandmother Noni (?) to the girls place to watch a Law & Order episode that he is in. His grandmother only speaks Italian. But somehow, Phoebe can speak perfect Italian with her. While watching the show, Joey realizes that they cut out his scene. He gets worried because his grandmother lives for his career. When he left Days of Our Lives, she almost died. So, he runs out to his apartment, and comes back a few minutes later with videotape. He distracts his grandmother and pops in the video tape and presses play. He shot a video of himself doing his scene, but the duck keeps interrupting, so he picks up the duck. It was really funny, too hard to describe. Then all of a sudden, Chandler pops up on the screen singing a song. He tries to tell his grandmother that it is the preview for next week. Phoebe says she has to see that.

The tag:

Monica asks the girls if the earrings she is wearing look like the lost pair. They tell her not really. Then, she and Chandler are about to leave when he looks at the earrings and comments on how beautiful they look and how she is lucky to have him for a boyfriend. Then as they are walking out, he whispers to Ross thanking him for picking out those earrings