The One Where Rachel Has a Baby

Taken from the Friends Spoiler list. Thanks!
(posted on Angel's board) Janice was warning Rachel that once Ross found his "real" family he would never spend time with Emma. And when Ross was talking to the nurse, Rachel felt that he was already moving on. The birth was hard for Rachel. She kept on having to push very hard...especally when they found out the baby was born upside down. One time when she took a deep breath, she head-butt Ross. And when he said that she had no idea how he felt...she just gave him a look. But finally, the baby came out healthy and they had a little tongue. It wasnt a very loooon scene. At first Phoebe and Ross were just talking and then when he said how beautiful the baby (and therefore Rachel) was Phoebe was like..."Ok, for the last time, why arent u two together??....Ok I know its complicated but still!....blah blah" and Ross kept on saying things like he didnt wanna make things hard for Emma. And then its looks like Phoebe convinces him when she says the line about how hes wnat all this since he was 15. but the scene ended so ???? when Pheebs finally "convinced" Ross...his face was like...upset...cuz he wasnt sure what to doo...u can tell he loves rach and ******know what i realized??! last time i went to the season finale too and it was just that the wedding ended and u see the six of them walk down the aisle. they taped a different ending for us and we never saw the rachel bit. and this time...they just ended with Ross's there might be more to the scene!!! yes Ross & Rachel both had crying issues. rachel's hormones would screwed up and she couldnt stop crying. she even cried bc she put her shoes on backwards and when ross was talking with phoebe he began to cry too! the baby's name is Emma Geller Green. when rachel was pushing she head butted ross the eppy was funny AND emotional. the audience said AWWWWW many times. the RnR kiss was very small after the birth. lips but no toungue..but i dunno about the other one that supposedly took place before they left the apartment....(this episode all took place in the hospital) marriage was brought up by Janice. when she first saw them i think she asked if they were getting married and they said no and that they were happy ne ways... OK, Rachel was having a hard time giving birth. She moved her whole body when trying to push the baby out...including her head. She hit ross with the thrust of her head. RnR's faces showed wishingness to be with eachother but a look that showed they dont know if it can work out. after the birth rachel just said to Ross something like...ya know what i was thinking about...uh...the kiss we had before we left the apartment...and Ross was like yeah...but I dunno... OK THE RnR KISS.... ok, i think there was a big kiss from the previous episode (the one before the finale) and i was NOT at that taping. They had a tiny tiny kiss after the birth of Emma. It was right after Rachel said the baby would have the last name of Geller Green. And they didnt say much right afterwards..the scene might have even ended. The reason i said blah blah is because Ross didn't really give an answer. He was more like...."Oh yeah..uh..i dunnoo...this is wierd" and serioulsy guys, I dont even remember fully showing u that nothing HUGE was said Roni *~*~*~*~*~*~* Roni's Ross and Rachel Page Website: Message board: