"The One with Joey's Bag"

Just a Reminder, These Spoilers are taken from the FRIENDS Spoilers List

The One With Joey's Bag (Thanks to Lauran for posting this!)

It is a really funny ep, with some serious stuff too. Phoebe's grandmother dies and she finally meets her father. Joey goes on an audition where he has to dress up and act like he has a lot of money and Rachel takes him to Bloomies and convinces him to carry a shoulder bag (purse). Joey of course just falls in love with the bag and carries it everywhere because it can hold so much stuff and he thinks it is cool because Rachel told him it was. And of course the guys give him a really hard time. He ends up losing the part because of the bag. And Rachel has to break it to him in front of everyone that its time to give it up. For this scene I was front row center and it was completely hysterical, because they kept messing up and making each other laugh. Monica and Chandler are still going strong. In this episode Monica and Chandler are giving each other massages and Monica gives awful massages, but he feels bad so he lies to Monica about it. After the funeral for Phoebe's grandma Monica offers to give Phoebe a massage and Phoebe flips out because it hurts so much. It comes out then that Chandler hates her massages and Monica starts in about what will happen if they start lying to each other, but then catches herself because everyone is still around. Later on that day, Chandler comes over and Monica is upset. He asks what's wrong and then Monica lies and says it is something at work. She starts to cry and says "My boyfriend :) hates my massages". He smoothes it over by telling her that she gives the best worst massage in the world and if they had an award for that she would get all the votes. It was great because there were lots of little comments throughout the whole episode about them. Chandler comments to Joey about how this is the first real relationship he has ever been in, and he calls her honey. Another one of the gang will find out about them in the New Year's Eve episode.